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Why is Finishing a Game So Hard?

I LOVE video games. I have over 10k hours in a handful of games. Yet, I can't finish any. Why is that?

I want to experience all that each game I play has to offer. It's why I play games on the hardest difficulty, because I feel that you get the rawest experience that way. You would think that that would be the reason, then, right? Problem solved, case closed! Guy who insists on playing on the hardest difficulty can't finish any games! Well, that's not really it, either.

I don't think there's a genre of game that I particularly dislike. Every time I mention a genre that I stray away from, there's an exception or several. How can I hate open world when I like Morrowind? How can I hate PvP games when the past few months of my life have been consumed by Dead by Daylight?

Let's go a little deeper. Why do I play video games in the first place? Honestly, it's because I'm bored. It's only natural to want to have fun when you're bored. So what games do I play? Whatever I feel like playing. What games do I feel like playing? Dead by Daylight... oh.

In hindsight, it's quite obvious, but I'm just bored of video games at the moment. I watched a video recently talking about the phenomenon, and it really resonated with me. Being the depressed person that I currently am, it's hard for me to enjoy life when I'm emotionally hurting.

Yet... there's something about writing all of this down that makes me want to play a video game right now. I could finish Neon White; I'm pretty close to 100%ing that. I could also work on my Minecraft world and finally beat the Ender Dragon. Or I could hop onto my friends' Minecraft world.

That's what it is, isn't it? It's sharing; having a community to talk about games with makes you want to play more games. That's why streamers play so many games; they can talk to chat, and chat never fails to recommend games to play. Sharing also helps you feel motivated, among other things, thus finishing a task (like a video game, for example) feels a lot more possible.

Hopefully this helped you in some way, reader. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to email me and I will respond as soon as I can.

Hasta luego!

Dr. Acula ♥