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Review of Hāze & Main Dark Chocolate 1000mg + Angry Errl Sriracha Hot Sauce 2oz, What I’ve Been Up To

This review is going to be quite long-winded, so I will be brief with my introduction. I have been consuming weed basically once a day for about 5 or 6 months now for fibromyalgia, ADHD, and PTSD. I got a medical marijuana card 2 months ago thanks to the good folks at Tru|Med and Dr. Reeferalz, but I am still experimenting. Still, my THC tolerance has gotten quite high, so it has been really difficult for me to find anything that will help me feel that high I once felt when I first tried weed at 13.

So, yes, I am a stoner.

In my journey, I sought to start dabbing, under the impression that that is where I would find the hardest-hitting stuff. I wasn’t exactly wrong, but there’s something about the way my body metabolizes medicine that makes it hard for me to feel the effects for several hours. This is ALL medicine, by the way, not just THC. Frustrated, I remembered my first and only “green out” when I ate Hāze & Main's Dark Chocolate. Could I handle it now that I was definitely addicted to weed had a high THC tolerance? I decided to see if I could handle the same dosage this time around.

I went to the place that I found Hāze & Main's Dark Chocolate initially, being the Curaleaf Dispensary at the Phoenix Airport. I also decided to get Angry Errl's Sriracha Hot Sauce. This comes out to be about 29mg of THC. It was an incredibly overwhelming yet purifying experience, but I am not doing taking that much weed again. I’ll give you the play-by-play.

I played a game of Dead by Daylight as The Deathslinger. Now, I have about 750 hours in this game, but I have been hyperfixating on it so much that I already understand the basics of pathing. I got matched with a 3-man, one of whom had 72 hours in the game. I couldn’t see the other profiles in the lobby, so I assumed the others would carry.

Holy hell. I was so super wrong.

I destroyed them pretty early on, so I ultimately decided to let them farm, in light of the ongoing Lunar New Year event. The weed was hitting right about then, so I found it HILARIOUS to mess with the Meg I let go. Unfortunately, I don’t think she understood, and seeing her Perks confirms that she was a “baby.”

I started getting nostalgic. Nostalgic for the time I first got into Dead by Daylight. Then, nostalgic for other things. Then, the nostalgia was overwhelming.

Part of the reason why I wanted a medical marijuana card for PTSD specifically was because I did not want to feel hopeless about the world anymore. There was a near-endless pile of guilt building up, too; I wanted to be a good person, but I felt unable to because of what I’ve been through. I struggled with catharsis, yet I felt I couldn’t recover until I did.

Then… I realized that I needed to move on from my grief, and not wallow in it. With that, my repressed emotions finally burst.

At the time, I described the experience as “every mental illness [I have] at once.” All the hurt I experienced in my life was burning my throat, and it tasted horribly acidic. I saw the last meal I ate in that pain, and then the meal before that one. I felt the crushing weight of mortality on my back, and then I felt the relief of setting it down. There was deliverance in my heartbreak.

My lover was beside me with a heating pad, comforting words, and water. I felt him weave his gentle fingers through my loneliness, untying the knots with grace & expertise. I remembered my friends who helped me get through my situation, and the friends who told me to pursue my dreams. I remembered that, in spite of everything, they ultimately want me to be okay. It was hunched over the toilet that I finally believed that I am loved.

I definitely should revisit Cognitive Behavioral Therapy again because it was helping more than I thought it would be. I’m also going to try weening off of weed, since my THC tolerance has gotten a little too high for my liking and I am officially on planet high tolerance.

If you have read everything up until this point, thank you. I invite you to email me if you have any comments or questions. I am continuing to work on my website; I have some script ideas to make some things easier for me to keep updating and improving.

Hasta luego!

Dr. Acula ♥