Dr. Acula's Laboratory

Gargoyle guardianHowdy, and welcome to my laboratory!Gargoyle guardian


My name is Dr. Acula; I am pleased to host you!

This website is mainly a vessel for me to express my thoughts, a sort of self-expression of the nostalgia I have of the old Internet. Plus, it gives me something to work on.

I live in Phoenix, AZ, and my relationship with that fact is positive overall. You are invited to view this website as a tour guide except... coming from someone who just lives here.

Please follow me here if you would like to see when I update!

90's cartoon style Dracula


Whoops! Sorry about that. To be honest, I've been very busy and haven't been able to keep updating until recently. I suppose that's sort of the nature of Neocities. The owner may or may not update... who knows! In not wanting to become one of the abandoned sites, this website became an abandoned site.

You may have noticed a new art page. That's because I'm making art again. I also got rid of the technology and literature tabs because frankly, reviews I make of technology and books I've read could honestly go under my blog. It just seems more intuitive that way. I certainly can make a whole page for literature, but I honestly think it serves better to be in with my blog. That could change in the future, but this is how it is for now. Speaking of reviews, I'm going to write a review for my new phone, as well as write some reviews for some key books I've read. Some I don't super care about reviewing, but there are a few in mind that I would like to. I do hope I don't say this and never do the reviews, which is certainly possible. I'm saying this to you because I would like to remind you that I am a human being who forgets a lot.

This is on the more personal side of things, but I've been diagnosed with schizoaffective bipolar type. This is after I've received 3 diagnoses of bipolar disorder throughout my life. Either way, it doesn't matter, but they both explain a lot about me and how I function. Honestly, I am proud to be bipolar. It's a gift that enables me to feel invincibility while simultaneously slowing me down. Perhaps it's not the "healthiest" way of looking at it, but I genuinely like the range of emotions I feel. It gives me the ability to experience extreme highs and lows of life. It fuels my creativity. Obviously I'm not happy about the circumstances, but I'm glad it all turned out this way.

If you have gotten this far, thank you. Know that you are appreciated and loved by so many people. Until next time...

Hasta luego!

Dr. Acula ♥